Nice to meet you! I am a 23 year old wife, dog mom, Chipotle lover, travel obsessed photographer who third wheels with awesome couples for a living. 

hI, I'm Sami!

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I photograph weddings because I love people. Sure, photography is my passion and I absolutely adore creating art that my couples will pass down for generations to come. But...truth be told, it’s the people I work with that sucked me into wedding photography.

It’s about the hugs I’ve given brides after it just downpoured all morning and they just need someone to tell them it’s okay. It’s about the dresses I’ve bustled in the bathroom. It’s about the “Oh my gosh I didn’t know we could look THAT good” comments I get after I show couples their portraits off of the back of my camera.

My goal when I work with a couple is to SERVE them. Need coffee when I’m on my way to the wedding? Text me your order. Decided you want to do a first look last minute? We’ll make the time! We aren’t going to have a day filled with awkward poses and fake smiles. It’s more like having a personal paparazzi following you around on date night! 

It’s my goal to capture your love story in it’s most authentic form.

“LiteralLy everyone has been cOmmentIng to us about how amazing of a job Sami did!! She helped ease so much anxiety and overalL just did an amazing job helping capturE our special, magical day!”